Wiki "The Daredevil"

Hugs, biting noses, laying on computer keyboards, hotel rooms, fostering kittens, and weaving back and forth on the catwalk.

Women with large white hairdos, fans blowing near him, being ignored and not getting to be around humans 24/7.

He is a very active cat in the show, but has been known to wander off and return later to complete a trick. Wiki has a very outgoing purr-sonality and is well-liked by the other Acro-Cats. He is one of only 2 male Acro-Cats. He is also the most dominant cat in the troupe except for Tuna, of course.

How did Wiki become an Acro-Cat?
Wiki and his brother Frisco were rescued from a high volume kill shelter and came to us as foster kittens. Frisco was adopted out early on and Wiki showed a love for performing. He finally got adopted at 8 months, but was returned when he made it clear to his new owner that he did not want to be a single, unemployed cat. He officially became the second male Acro-Cat upon his return in September 2010.

Signature Trick:
The grand finale rappelling trick.

Little known Fact...
Wiki is the daredevil. He once jumped from the balcony at a show to escape some kids who were chasing him after he wandered off stage during the show.

(Bonus fact!!)
Wiki’s full name is Wikipedia, named because of Samantha’s obsession with Wikipedia.