Tuna "The Star"
If you hear the faint chant of "MORE COWBELL!" you can rest assured Tuna's not far behind. She's the inspiration and star of our show and she'll make sure you know that.

Training and show time, sunning herself on top of the fax machine, ringing her bell (and in fact, feels all pieces of music, whether rock, classic or country could use more “cow bell” in them), and being in the spotlight. Her favorite food is…yep you guessed it...Tuna...right out of the can.

Sharing, other cats and kittens, dogs, being nice, anyone invading her space, snuggling of any kind or with anyone, and no one is allowed to pet her except Samantha who she will tolerate for a limited time.

Tuna does not play well with others and the other band members (and Acro-Cats) must steer clear of her before and after the show. She's a workaholic, preferring to learn new tricks than to nap like most cats.

How did Tuna become an Acro-Cat?
Tuna’s mother was an abandoned neighborhood cat. Samantha saw something special in Tuna—that she loved to ring her bell and other amazing feats, and that’s how the star was born...she’s the original Acro-cat!

Signature Tricks:
Ringing her bell, and as band Manager she is responsible for encouraging donations to the tip jar, as well as guarding it....she has been known to swat anyone who lingers at it too long. Tuna also plays cowbell in the band…and we all know every song needs more cowbell!

Little known Fact...
Tuna once rang her bell ten minutes straight until someone got up to get her a treat.

(Bonus fact!!)
Tuna has a twitter account—@Tunathecat—and frequently argues with fellow Acro-Cat Buggles, who also has a twitter account.