Pudge "The Sweetheart"

People, chin rubs and the meet and greet after the show where she is petted by adoring fans. Birds...Pudge finds them fascinating in all shapes, sizes and colors whether right outside the window or flying across the TV screen. Her favorite food is…yep, you guessed it...chicken!

Pudge does not enjoy being picked up or having her fur brushed. She would really rather just be petted.

Just like her preference for the upper perches in the cattery, Pudge likes to take the above it all approach to some of the competition and infighting among the Acro-cats.

How did Pudge become an Acro-Cat?
She was found abandoned in a box on the side of the road.

Signature Trick:
Hoop jumps.

Little known Fact...
Even though Pudge loves to be pet, she doesn’t really get along with the other cats.