Oz "The Clown"


Carpeting and yoga mats, cuddling, and rubbing his face vigorously against yours. He is also partial to feet and makes a beeline toward women in the front row who wear open toed sandals.

Thunderstorms, things on wheels, all orange cats.

Sweet and well mannered, Oz shares his love by leaping up into your arms to be held.

How did Oz become an Acro-Cat?
Oz and his brother Itty were only two days old when their mother died after eating a poisoned rat at a racetrack. They needed bottle-feeding every few hours so he is Samantha’s miracle child. He is the original male Acro-Cat.

Signature Tricks:
Hurdles…except he seems to always go under them. Oz is also one of the guitar players for the Rock-Cats!

Little known Fact...
His full name is Ozwald. Samantha would feed him and his brother while watching the HBO series Oz, hence his name.

(Bonus fact!!)
Oz also has a twitter account @OzAcrocat.