Nue "The Flirt"

Chin rubs, posing for the camera, sneak attacks, sitting in Samantha’s lap on the road, snuggling with Samantha and being number one in the Acro-Cat show.

Tuna swatting her, Dakota’s tail in her face, and the chicken flying up at her while she is trying to play piano.

Nue knows she is the special one. She has confirmed this many times throughSamantha who tells her so all the time.

How did Nue become an Acro-Cat?
She is the daughter of Tuna and sister of Pinky and Darby, which makes Dakota her niece.

Signature Trick:
Telling her audiences and the world that she is number one!

Little known Fact...
Nue is named after a Polynesian fire dancer who performed on an educational tour with the Amazing Animals by Samantha. Nue means rainbow in Hawaiian.