Jax "The Troublemaker"


Laser pointers, sitting on her skull, leaping on shoulders, and foster kittens.

Cluck Norris the Chicken, Oz, and hanging out with the other cats.

Jax fears nothing except Cluck Norris. When we first met her, she was beating up her much larger brothers in a shelter. Her tender side comes out with our foster kittens; she'll cuddle and clean them in between shows. Jax is the Wild Card in the show. We never know if she will do her tricks or run off into the audience to cavort with her fans.

How did Jax become an Acro-Cat?
She was found in a cooler outside of a truck stop with her two brothers and transferred to Tri-County Humane Society in Princeton, IL.

Signature Tricks:
Sitting on her skull and catching treats.

Little known Fact...
Jax is named after a beer sign Samantha saw while performing in New Orleans. She has also been known to knock cups of beer over during a show to steal a sip.

(Bonus fact!!)
Jax also has a twitter account @JaxAcrocat.