Dakota "The Diva"

Pictures of herself, twirling around, being cuddled, jingle balls, and hearing about how pretty she is. Dakota likes to be called pretty Dakota and gravitates toward mirrors. Her favorite food is medium rare steak at an Acro-Cat show.

Nue swatting her, Oz getting in her space, being rushed when Asti gets to play drums instead of her. She feels she has much better rhythm and of course is prettier than Asti.

Dakota is fastidious, insisting on pausing during tunes to make sure her paws are clean. Her soft mew and dainty ways makes her the lady of the band.

How did Dakota become an Acro-Cat?
Her mother, Pinky, is one of the original Rock Cats band members on lead guitar, and Dakota has always dreamed of enjoying the same fame and adoration.

Signature Trick:
Rockin’ on the drums!

Little known Fact...
She was named after a movie poster Samantha saw after coming out of the theatre.