Buggles "The Nerd"


Filing (in her own special way), researching websites at night when the computer is left on, the oscillating ventilator (ceiling fan).

Babies crying, having to share living space with the other Acro-Cats when not working, being picked up especially during a show!

Buggles has intimacy issues and hates being cuddled. She is a bit of an outcast from the rest of the Troupe because of her differences and she prefers human company to theirs anyway. However, she prefers the company of the Fax machine even more than humans.

How did Buggles become an Acro-Cat?
You could say that Buggles is literally a barn cat since she was found as a kitten in a friend’s barn and has been in our family her whole life.

Signature Trick:
Buggles is the Acro-Cat’s Skateboarding Champ.

Little known Fact...
Buggles got her name because she looked like a cross between a bug and an alien. If she could speak, she would sound like Marvin the Martian.

(Bonus fact!!)
Buggles also Tweets @Bugglesdacat.