Buffy "The Wallflower"

Earth Day activities and festivals, her me time.

Tuna swatting her, cameras, waste of any kind, and being pestered by other cats.

Buffy is quite the introvert and prefers texting to talking face to face. She would rather interact with her Kindle and I-Pad than with the other cats, except her BFF Sookie. Her early childhood abandonment gave her deep introspection and concern for the state of affairs in the world. She is an avid recycler.

How did Buffy become an Acro-Cat?
She was found at 3 weeks old, abandoned under a porch like Sookie but on the other side of town. While Buffy is an avid performer she is less gregarious than Sookie and tends to keep her own council.

Signature Trick:
The ball roll, which she started practicing at 1 month old. She quickly perfected her technique and is proud of being the star ball balancer.

Little known Fact...
She was actually not named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer as you might suspect since her BFF was named after Sookie in True Blood, but after her buff colored coat.