Asti "The Sneak"

Biting toes and fingers, bird-watching, racing up and down aisles in a theatre, whole chicken breasts and sandwiches.

Being caught when she’s into mischief.

Asti is one of the more unpredictable Acro-Cats, as far as performing. She gives a shifty little side glance before stealthily leaving the stage during the show. She usually returns with a whole chicken breast if she can find it…or some unsuspecting person’s sandwich.

How did Asti become an Acro-Cat?
At the age of 3 weeks, Asti and her 5 brothers and sisters, were orphaned barn kittens when their mother was killed by a coyote. She was bottle raised by Samantha.

Signature Trick:
Her jump from the high platform onto Samantha’s back.

Little known Fact...
Asti is one of the more talkative Acro-Cats. Her nickname is Chirps because of her distinctive way of meowing.