Annie "The Helper"


Straws, brown paper bags, head butts, photo bombing, the chicken Cluck Norris, helping out even when it’s really getting in the way, and dinnertime.

Raw vegetables, black cats, cuddling, and being alone.

Annie loves to help out when needed, even if that means getting in the way of other cats. She will try anything twice, even if she didn’t do well the first time. When other cats are around she doesn’t mind her humans too much, but with no other cats around she can be pretty affectionate.

How did Annie become an Acro-Cat?
Annie was abandoned in a cornfield with her sister Jolie, when she was 4 weeks old. All of her other littermates were adopted when she started to pick up more tricks like rolling on the barrel. One of the people in the show really started to connect with her and decided she wanted to keep her on as her companion animal while they travel, so Annie is a part time Acro-cat, a temp.

Signature Tricks:
Jumping through a large sparkly hoop. She also is a back-up guitarist and rolls on a barrel.

Little known Fact...
She can’t stand being alone so much that she will cry non-stop until her forever human or another friend cat comes back.