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SEE Some of Our Recently Adopted Foster Kitties!

Quotes from Attendees at a Recent Denver appearance at The Bug Theater:

“The coolest thing ever!”

“Those cats are amazing!”

“I just couldn’t believe that Tuna! Ringin’ that bell for all she’s worth! I had to drop a tip into the jar…” “I loved Fuji! What a princess and what a cute little princess cart…”

“Who knew cats could do that kind of stuff!”

“I’m completely smitten with Samantha and her wonderful performing kittens! Unlikely to find a more unique & pleasurable experience in live performance…”




The Amazing Acro-Cats, one of the four "cat shows" in the United States, perform to sold-out venues across the country. Their performances delight and astound audiences of all ages.

The Amazing Acro-Cats, and their human staff, are devoted to promoting cat-training awareness and supporting feline adoption and rescue across the country.

Our mission is to show cat lovers how to improve their relationship with their furr ever friends through positive reinforcements resulting in long-lasting and beneficial behaviors. 

A component of this mission is forming partnerships that involve fostering and finding homes for cats and kittens as our troupe of former orphans and strays travel from city to city in a custom cat bus. 

What makes us extraordinary is our commitment to improving the relationship between humans and their furr ever feline friends.



Samantha Martin
has had a lifetime fascination and truly unique bond with animals inspiring her extensive background including an associate degree in animal husbandry and services, internships at the Brookfield Zoo, studies in animal behavioral sciences and leading advocate of healthy, effective clicker training techniques building better relationships and solving behavioral problems.

As an expert animal trainer she has supplied her many talents for handling animals for everything from commercial and industrial advertising including;

Wal-Mart, PetCo and PetSmart, music videos for headlining mainstream groups like Megadeth and MTV projects, Animal Planet programs and documentaries and appearances on high-profile media such as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and even film production companies like New Line Cinema.

As a pioneering feline behavioral expert, she’s devoted her life to animal welfare and public education helping people understand their animal counterparts better.

Her extensive resume is outshined only by her alluring and charming personality. Her Acro-Cats show featuring the Rock Cats all-cat band have inspired, thrilled and mystified audiences of all ages coast to coast as well as re-defined live performance with her own wonderfully unique blend of spectacle, entertainment, education, public awareness and a genuine dedication providing financial contribution, promotion and rescue/rehabilitation/adoption assistance, for animal welfare groups wherever she performs.

The Acro-Cats performance is a guaranteed media draw wherever they go attracting news spotlights including; NBC, ABC and FOX affiliates across the nation, countless magazine/newspaper features including National Geographic periodicals, Chicago, Pets, Metro Pet, Chicago Tribune, Florida Times and various web media.

The purr-forming purr-sonalities have as much fun as their audience with obvious content with their lime-light status as they demonstrate astounding feats of agility so synonymous with their species.

On Samantha's cue, they perform tricks with various hoops, tumblers, skateboards, hoisting flags, reading signs, even rolling balls over parallel ropes! This amazing spectacle also includes performing mice, rats and even a cat vs chicken bowling show-down!

Band manager and star of the show Tuna demands adoration from her all-too-willing fans as Samantha redefines the human-animal bond, highlighting the remarkably intelligent and wonderfully curious feline personalities that creates the Acro-Cats experience!

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